Reduce Inventory Overstocks and Stock Shortages!

We offer improved alignment of inventory with our customers to reduce costs.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Better meet demand and reduce inventory errors and costs!
Building Relationships That Last

We help to eliminate stock shortages and high delivery costs!

Our VMI offers an improved alignment of inventory with our customers so that we can help to reduce costs. VMI can reduce the frequency of costly last minute orders and the overall number of orders. 

Multifab VMI Capabilities Add MORE Value

Our operations and value extend beyond the machining and finishing operations by helping aid in managing your inventory through our Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) program. Our VMI program has one goal in mind, and that is helping you reduce your inventory without sacrificing service. The VMI program can be customized and tailored to your business’s needs and can provide value in the following areas:

  • Real-time visibility of your inventory
  • Reduction of per-unit costs by taking advantage of economies of scale
  • Just-in-time (JIT) delivery of releases based on your defined release schedule that can be adjusted or customized to your business demands
  • Reduction of overall cost and lead-time through machine efficiency run times
  • Reducing your holding cost of keeping no inventory in house at your location
  • Reducing the frequency of purchase orders placed
  • Receive smaller, more frequent shipments

Improved Alignment of Inventory With Customer Demand

We dynamically adjust inventories in response to customer demand!

We help your company to cut down on costs and be more efficient.

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Reduce Stock

VMI also allows us to work closer with our customers and to improve our relationships with them. Through cooperation, we can offer superior service and on-time delivery.