We can bring your product or idea to life!

With over 8,000 tooling combinations, Multifab will fulfill your production needs!

Bring Your Product or Idea To Life

We satisfy 1-off, short run, and long run orders.
Steel Sharpens Steel

We offer a wide range of equipment, tooling & fixture combinations!

Our sheet metal fabrication facility brings your product or idea to life through our wide range of equipment, tooling & fixture combinations (10,000 plus) to reduce fixed cost to the customer, and tacit knowledge of the trade. The large on-site inventory of sheet metal (Over 325 different types, gauges, and lengths) and advanced range of equipment paired with a 24-hour lights-on operation allows us to satisfy both 1-off, short run, and long run orders. 

Multifab Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

  • HG8025
  • EG6013
  • HG1003ATC
  • FBD-125
  • FBD-80
  • RG 100
  • RG 50
  • RG 80
  • 825-Sq ft fully equipped air-powered finishing booth
Laser Cutting
  • TruLaser 1030 2,500 Watt
MIG Welding/TIG Welding
  • MIG/TIG ready welding stations
  • AWS Certified Welders
Spot Welding
  • Tecna TE90 Mark II
  • Banner 20R100
  • Entron EN1000
  • Amada ID-40ST
Robotic Welding
  • Panasonic Robotic Weld Centers
Hardware Insertion
  • Haeger HP-6C
  • Haeger 618-1L
  • Haeger 824-W3 TL
  • EMK 3610
  • EMK 2510
  • Vipros King 358
  • Vipros 357
Powder Coating
  • Nordson Color Max 2 Cube Spray Booth
  • 5 Stage Iron-Phosphate Wash
  • Convection Drying and Curing ovens
Logo Silkscreening
  • Ink logo/brand via custom Silk-screening process
  • In-house printed decal/logo/text via adhesive
  • Laser engraved image or embossed text on various materials
  • Fully equipped assembly booths with air powered tooling & lift tables

Our Equipment is Up-to-Date with Industry Standards

With over 8,000 tooling combinations, we will fulfill your sheet metal fabrication needs.

We run a 24-hour lights-on operation to satisfy customer needs!

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Forming &

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Grinding &

Once designed, our blanking and bending operations are completely automated & programmable to dial in the repeatability our customers require keeping tolerances of +/- .003 of an inch and hold forming angles within 1/8th of a degree. If your part requires additional operations, such as welding, then we have many options from automated robotic welding cells, AWS certified TIG & MIG welders, and various combinations of spot and stud welding machines. Lastly, in our 825 Sq ft isolated finishing booth we use a combination of specialty air-powered hand grinders and buffing wheels to give your product the appearance required.